Gezondheid Voorop

Leefstijlbegeleiding op maat

Working on a healthy lifestyle that works for you!

A lifestyle is a personal thing. Everyone is different.

Not everyone is a runner, not everyone likes yoga, not everyone wants to count calories, not everyone wants to be a vegan, not everyone...................etc.

That makes lifestyle guidance customization!

Gezondheid Voorop (Health First) provides in this customization in a scientifically proven way and is there foreveryone who wants to work on his/her lifestyle in a no frills way. For a more energetic, a healthier and a more conscious life.

  • Weight management
  • Eat Emotion
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Stressmanagement
  • Burn out symptoms
  • Behavior change

My way of living and working is a positive one. That does not mean that there is no place for negativity or complains. On the contrary. Life is not always just having fun. It means that negativity and physically and/or mentally complains are heard and will be approach positively. Where does it come from? What do we have to accept? What can we do to make a positive and/or a preventive change?

In an introductory meeting you can tell me what your wishes and/or goals are. From that, I can tell you if I would be the one for you to quide you in accomplishing these wishes and/or goals. An introductory meeting is free and totally without charge. Contact me if you want to have an introductory meeting or if you have any other questions.

See page 'Contact'.

Gezondheid Voorop also for lectures, group counseling, training and courses. Together with friends, family or colleagues. For companies or schools. Extensive weighing consultation with advice. Nutritional analysis and nutritional advice. On-line guidance and/or advice is possible.

My vision is guiding anyone who wants to work on his or her health. Tailor-made lifestyle counseling. Working on the basis of scientifically proven effective ways in a no-nonsense way. No product sales.

100% whistle and guru free.

My mission is your health!

Take care of your health like your life depends on it.

Maureen van der Kuijp-Tuinman,

Official and recognized coach/trainer/counselor. Applied psychologist. Nutritionist and weight consultant.